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It Won`t Be Soon Before
Minutes To Midnight
Back To Black Long

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Top Video Sales
(Sales data compiled by Nielsen/SoundSan.)
1. "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Special Edition), Buena      Vista Home Entertainment.
2. "Notting Hill," Universal Studios Home Video.

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3. "Singles," Warner Home Video.
4. "X-Men Evolution: Mutants Rising," Warner Home Video.
5. "Bill Cosby's Picture Pages," Front Row Home Video.
6. "Real Wheels: There Goes a Tank," Warner Home Video.
7. "The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See, Doggie Do," Warner      Home Video.
8. "Yoga Conditioning for Athletes," Gaiam Video.
9. "Cherry 2000," 20th Century Fox.
10. "Pilates for Dummies," Starz Home Entertainment.

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What is the best selling single song of all time ?

Top ten:
The first number is the rank and the number after the performer is the number of millions it sold:

1. Candle In The Wind '97 Elton John 37
2. White Christmas Bing Crosby 30
3. Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley and His Comets 17
4. I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles 12
5. Hey Jude The Beatles 10
6. It's Now Or Never Elvis Presley 10
7. I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston 10
8. Hound Dog Elvis Presley 9
9. Diana Paul Anka 9
10. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You The Bryan Adams 8



The Best Selling Albums Of All Time

Top twenty:
The first number is the rank and the number after the performer is the number of millions it sold:

1.  Their Greatest Hits (vol. 1) /  The Eagles   28
2.  Thriller  /  Michael Jackson   27
3.  The Wall /  Pink Floyd   23
4.   Led Zeppelin IV / Led Zeppelin   22
5.   Back In Black / AC/DC   21
6.   Greatest Hits VOL I & II / Billy Joel   21
7.   Come On Over / Shania Twain   20
8.   The Beatles / The Beatles   19
9.   Rumours / Fleetwood Mac   19
10. Boston / Boston   17
11. The Bodyguard (soundtrack)  /Whitney Houston   17
12. The Beatles 1967 - 1970 / The Beatles   16
13. Hotel California / Eagles   16
14. Greatest Hits   / Elton John   16
15. Jagged Little Pill  / Alanis Morissette   16
16. No Fences / Garth Brooks   16
17. Cracked Rear View /  Hootie & The Blowfish   16
18. Physical Graffiti / Led Zeppelin   15
19. The Beatles 1962 - 1966 / The Beatles   15
20. Saturday Night Fever  / The Bee Gees   15


Music from MY friends request :



The Biggest Albums Coming Your Way In 2009

Green Day and U2 drop new LPs this year, along withpromising young gunslike Paramore, Tokio Hotel and more. By Gil Kaufman, with additional reporting by James Montgomery 2008 was a huge year for rock ... and 2009 looks like it could be even bigger. So all this week, we're taking stock of the things guaranteed to rock this year. From the triumphant returns of some of the biggest bands on the planet to a handful of up-and-coming acts that we're expecting big things from in '09, we've got it all covered.

This is Rock Week, on It will bepretty difficult to top a year that saw new albums from both Metallica and Guns N' Roses, but 2009's roster of rock includes just asmuch firepower — including LPs from colossal acts like Green Day, U2 and the Boss, not to mention potential new sounds from young guns like Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Tokio Hotel. And that's just the headliners.

On the undercard, we've got the triumphant return of British songstress Lily Allen, radio-ready rock from the Frayand bludgeoning prog-metal from Mastodon. Plus, there are new albums from critical faves like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Decemberists and Black Lips. And let's not forget sonically adventurous indie hipsters like Animal Collective (who, depending on what you read, may have already released the best rock album of the year), or the gloriously maudlin new album from Antony and theJohnsons. Oh, and Prince is releasing three records this year.




music download refers to the transferring of a music file from an Internet-facing computer or website to a user's local computer. This term encompasses both legal downloads and downloads of copyright material without permission or payment if required.
Popular examples of online music stores that sell digital singles and albums include the iTunes StoreNapster, and nimbit. Paid downloads are sometimes encoded withDigital Rights Management that restricts making extra copies of the music or play purchased songs on certain digital audio players.
Digital music sales now generate around $2 billion in revenue, with tracks available through 500 online services located in 40 countries, representing around 10 percent of the total global music market. Around the world in 2006, an estimated five billion songs, equating to 38,000 years in music were swapped on peer-to-peer websites, while 509 million were purchased online.[1]



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